Eggplant Chips Snack for Kid ( N/W 20g / bag )

Kid friendly, Healthy snack, High fiber, Low calorie, Low Sodium, Vegan friendly, 1 year shelf life


Good source of Anthocyanin

High in fiber


Tickle Time is a group of new-gen people who fell in love with eggplants and discovered that eggplants are in the purple group of vegetables with incredible nutritious benefits for health. We are the first to come up with the idea to develop eggplants in the form of easy-to-enjoy, crunchy, and nutritious crisps, and we are excited to share this with you!


The product is made from 100% eggplant and cooked with rice bran oil using a vacuum fry process, which is efficient to preserve color, flavor, crispy texture with good retention of nutrients.


Ideal for those who want to enjoy a guilt-free crispy snack!


  • Free from MSG
  • Zero preservatives added
  • No cholesterol
  • No trans-fat


Tickle Time Eggplant Chips For Kids